Shipping & Delivery

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, Kraus GmbH reserves the right to choose the the mode of shipment to the exclusion of any liability.

  2. The contractual partner must ensure free access to the place of delivery as well as adequate storage space for the delivered goods. In addition, the contractual partner must provide sufficient unloading personnel unloading personnel and ensure that a person authorized to accept the authorized person is present at the place of delivery.

  3. Kraus GmbH will not take back packaging.

  4. The transport risk always falls on the contractual partner, even if freight-free delivery was agreed using their own or third-party means of transport. Transport insurance will only be taken out with a written agreement from Kraus GmbH.

  5. As far as delivery and completion deadlines and dates have been agreed these are unless a fixed date has been expressly agreed upon always non-binding. The delivery period begins at the earliest Date of order acceptance by Kraus GmbH, but not before Availability of all technical, commercial and other requirements (in particular the documents, official approvals and the necessary documents deposit to be paid).

  6. The contractual partner is obliged to provide the subject matter of the contract or Parts of this – even before an agreed delivery time to assume a debt-discharging effect. Kraus GmbH is entitled to To carry out and invoice partial or advance deliveries.

  7. If no specific call-off dates are specified in the contract, is the entire quantity of the framework/call order within six months. There are no call dates provided by the contractual partner complied with, Kraus GmbH is entitled to do so four weeks later written notice with reference to the consequences to deliver the total quantity in full if the call is not made calculate. All rights of Kraus GmbH arising from the default contractual partner remain unaffected by this.

  8. Becomes the beginning of the performance of the service or the execution itself delayed and the delay was not caused by circumstances that are represented by Kraus GmbH, the delivery and delivery times are extended Completion deadlines and dates are in any case the duration of this Circumstances. The availability of the goods may vary due to a Large orders change at short notice, which results in delivery and Completion deadlines and dates also vary by the duration of this circumstances may delay. This applies in particular in the event of force majeure and other delays that cannot be influenced (e.g. disasters, War, riot, fire, strike, embargo, lack of means of transport, Transport and customs clearance delays, transport damage, energy and Lack of raw materials and failure of an essential item that is difficult to replace suppliers). These circumstances will also lead to an extension the delivery period if they occur with a supplier. By The contractual partner is responsible for any additional costs incurred due to delays bear if the circumstances that caused the delays do not are represented by Kraus GmbH. In the mentioned In cases of delay, Kraus GmbH is free to do so without any obligation to withdraw from the contract for damages; this applies at Kraus’s discretion GmbH also for subsequent deliveries that are not yet due.

  9. In the event of Kraus GmbH being responsible for exceeding an agreed delivery deadline, the contracting party is entitled to withdraw from the contract by registered letter only after the deadline has been exceeded by more than 4 weeks and an additional grace period of 14 days has been set.

  10. You have the option of picking up your order yourself from Monday to Thursday between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM and on Friday between 7:00 AM and 12:30 PM directly from our location at Industriestraße C 2, 2345 Brunn am Gebirge. This will save you the shipping costs.

  11. In case of any issues with the delivery, please contact:
    Phone: +43 2236 379 680 (Mo bis Thu von 07.00 bis 17.00 Uhr, Fr 07.00 bis 12.30 Uhr)